Where Efficiency Meets Mobility


Always Improving

We merge the division of the different aspects of the global manufacturing value chain. By combining R&D, data backed decision making and a turnkey environment; delivering certainty. Providing consistent value add all the way through the process from concept generation and R&D to validation and qualification.


Scalable and Modular

Whether you start small or are already a large company, our solution adapts to your needs and grows with you. By Harnessing industry proven and cutting edge innovation we drive customer opportunities. This gives them the flexibility, competitiveness and the confidence they need to excel in their market.



IMM Automation 

Revolutionize injection molding with our automation system, integrating a top-mounted 6-axis robot for space-saving efficiency. Enjoy flexible production with customizable features, swift cycle times, and seamless integration with Coras for enhanced manufacturing capabilities.

End of Arm Tools  

Our End of Arm Effectors are lightweight yet durable, using carbon fiber and 3D printing to enhance robot efficiency and performance. They offer quick change capabilities and automatic ID recognition for optimal moulding operations.  

Córas Connectivity System

Córas is an advanced logistics solution for medical device manufacturing, enhancing efficiency with real-time data, seamless integration, full traceability, and ERP compatibility, reducing errors and optimizing production processes.  

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